Unmarked College Uniform

by Jaycee Kim
Acrylic on Canvas
28.0cm (W) x 42.0cm(H)
Medium: Drawing/Painting
Subject: Portrait

Like the Gummi Ships of his favourite video game, Kingdom Hearts, Jaycee Kim’s work transports us to other worlds. Worlds where environments flux and identities transform.


Such was the basis of his first presentation of work, in the group show Mobile Colour at Cement Fondu, Paddington (March, 2020). There he presented augmented reality wallpaper (Postage Stamp Colour Palette , 2020), a bespoke chess set with each piece made in his own image (Jaycee’s Ultimate Chess Board Battle , 2020) and a series of self portraits as his various alter egos (a Loreto school girl, a Disney Princess, a rainbow gymnast).


Jaycee works predominantly in watercolour and acrylic, with a vibrant colour palette inspired by the Kingdom Hearts video game. “My work is about transformation” says Jaycee. “The patterns and degradation of colour allow and reflect changes of expression in my brain. Rainbow colours allow me to change colours and moods.”


Jaycee was the 2019 recipient of the Studio ARTES Professional Pathways Award, a professional development program for members of Studio ARTES’ Visual Arts Program. Under the mentorship of Christopher Haysom, Studio A’s principal digital artist, Jaycee is exploring video, animation and augmented reality. His forays into the medium have been exciting and he is one of Studio A’s most promising emerging artists.

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